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7 Crazy Things Ongoing Road Constructions In Lagos Are Causing




Constructions when done on a massive scale and in many places at the same time ,can be very discomforting .But we can’t disagree with the fact that its for our benefit.

Like it or hate it ,the constructions and renovation on Lagos roads have started.This has brought about various occurrences,the good,bad,ugly,and extremely funny.

Lets find out some of them.


We love rain,but we don’t like the mud it creates when it mixes with excavated sand.Its very annoying,especially at Ile Epo market axis .

Its funny how MUD can be decoded as Mega Universal Diarrhea,because thats what all the mud looks like to me  . 

2.Increased Bus Fare

As usual our Danfo drivers won’t disappoint .We have seen bus fares go up by 100 % in some places and on some days as much as 600%(e.g the LGA election day and the day before).


As if the traffic in Lagos was not enough .We now have butt compressing traffic,that exceeds the longevity of a tortoise  .

4.Broken Hearts And Angry People

As a result of the traffic very few people believe you when you tell them you are in traffic .People are loosing trust in each other.

Person 1 : “I dey inside go slow na ,I dey Abule Egba”

Person 2:”No be wetin you don dey tell me since 8am ,how many minutes from Abule Egba to Ikeja,Oga fear God na”

Person 1:

5.Plenty Lies 

While some are actually telling the truth,some folks use the opportunity to lie like La* M******** even when their vehicle is moving at 100km/h .


We have seen plenty cars engaging in gymnastics and some swimming inside gutter (I am not making fun of the victims o).Its sad ,but what can we do.We have to wait till its all done.

7.Plenty Flogging

If you ply Abule Egba axis very well you would have heard of, or seen scenarios where Soldiers flog(emphasis on the “g”) people like kindergarten students.Construction workers have also been victims.(according to one market woman I eavesdropped on) 

But there are also some nice force men,about two days ago around Ile Epo a  fast and furious motorist,brushed the behind of a clean blue pickup truck belonging to a Naval officer.He was nice enough not to beat anybody .


What are you currently experiencing in Lasgidi,we would love to hear your story .

Gist with us in the comments section below

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