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7 Driving Position Mistakes Car Drivers Make




Anytime I’m snooping around on cars on the road, I see several drivers with wrong sitting postures. It’s either you see a young guy sitting in a fancy way with his hand stretched like he is sleeping on a camp bed or you see some other drivers hugging the steering so tight like they are so scared flying in a rocket to space.

These awkward driving positions wouldn’t have been a problem if there are no safety risks attached to them. But the sad news is sitting that way can easily kill or injure a driver especially if an accident occurs. Such drivers can have a neck, spine, head or chest injury and AutoJosh does not want that. That is why I am bringing you this post on how to attain an appropriate driving posture anytime you step into your car.


First things first, make all sitting adjustments when the car is not in motion. It must also be in park position to avoid unexpected movements. 

1. Don’t seat too far from or too close to the steering wheel:

Make sure you do not sit too far or too close to the steering wheel. This means, your hand should not be too stretched or too bent when holding the steering. So, stretch out your hands and make sure the steering is at your wrist level while your back is well rested on the back rest. This will enable you have a good grip as well as turn the steering swiftly and effectively. Sitting too close to the steering wheel can even make the airbag injure you if it deploys.

2. Your leg should not be stretched straight:

We see fashionista drivers who push their car seat all the way back and end up stretching their legs out to press the throttle with only their toes. This type of fashion can put you in trouble if an accident occurs because shock waves can be sent directly to your pelvic area and spine when the your leg is straight. Alternatively, it is better for your leg to bend at the knee as seen in the picture above to prevent spinal cord injury.


3. The backrest should be upright and not be in a sleeping position:

You have to be prepared at all times. So, don’t drive your car around town same way you seat in your living room when watching Telemundo. The backrest of your car seat should be in an upright position and not in a slouching mode. This sitting position can reduce backache whilst protecting you in the event of a crash. We are not saying you should sit at angle 90 degrees like they do in Danfo buses. About 100 – 115 degrees is fine but some funky drivers go on a 145 degrees recline which is risky.

Also make sure your headrest does not tilt backwards especially those fake aftermarket DVD headrests.

4. The center of the steering wheel should be tilted from your face:

As much as possible, ensure that the center of the steering is not pointing directly to your face. It should  be titled down towards your chest or trunk instead as you don’t want the airbag exploding directly on your face. The center of the steering is usually where you have the car logo.


5. Don’t sit too low or too high:

Don’t forget to adjust the height of your seat to a level that gives you a good view of the road ahead. However, it shouldn’t be too high because that also comes with it’s disadvantages. Sitting too high can make your legs interfere with the steering and your head can bump the roof of the car if there is a rollover. Sitting too high can also reduce blood flow to your lower legs due to excessive pressure on your thighs.


6. Don’t wrap your thumb around the steering wheel:

Your thumb is not meant to be wrapped around the steering of your car as it may get tangled while making sudden turns. Your thumb can even be dislocated and this is the major reason the steering of some cars comes with a “steering thumb rest“. However, many drivers don’t know the essence of this feature that help you rest your thumb and not wrap it around the steering wheel.



7. Don’t forget to remove your wallet if it gets in your way:

The pressure from your wallet in your back pocket can hinder blood flow whilst causing butt pain. Guys with bulky wallets can relate with this.


Finally, don’t be a selfish driver, make sure your passengers sit safely and the rear seat passengers also use their seat belts.

Kindly add some more tips for an appropriate sitting and driving position in the comment section.

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