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7 Tips On How To Survive A Water Crash



Water crash

Water crash

The first thing that came to your mind is probably Third Mainland Bridge , me too.

It’s no news that the rate of accidents on that bridge are increasing .I don’t pray you experience a water crash , but what if it happens , how do you survive one ? .



Stay Calm

I know in this scenario staying calm is one of the last things you might think of , but its actually one thing that can save your life , you need all the oxygen you can get ,don’t waste it panicking .

Brace For Impact

As soon as you go flying off the side of the bridge towards the water , the first thing to do is get ready for the impact,I know at that moment you would be freaked out,but you need to be ready.Place both hands firmly on the steering wheel at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position.Know that every second counts, ignore your phone , don’t call anyone just yet.You need to survive !!!.

Make Use Of All The Air You Can Get

While the car is filling up with water and there is still air , you have to make use of all the air you can get ,take slow and deep breaths while following all these steps

Unbuckle !!

This is very important the next step is to unbuckle your seat belt .If there are kids in the car unbuckle theirs too.Its best to start with the eldest so they can help out.

Aim For The Window

The first impulse people feel most times is to aim for the door , this is actually wrong and most times its close to impossible , because of hydraulic pressure in the water.Your best bet is going out through the window.Try winding it down , if its not going down ,remove the head rest of your seat or any other hard and  strong material and use the metal to smash the window.


Swim Up !!

Once the window is out of the way , if there are kids ,they should go out first , while you are holding them firmly , the water current might be too strong for them .Then you should all swim up while you push them(the kids) up.

Seek Help

As soon as you can ,seek medical help, while you are above the water,find something to hold on to , remember not to let the kids go.And if its your spouse I think Titanic is a good inspiration .

Jokes apart, seeking medical help as soon as possible is important , in the case of Third Mainland Bridge where it won’t be easy to swim ashore ,screaming for help while holding onto something is important ,most likely someone would have already seen you plunging down  the bridge so they are already trying to rescue you.

I hope you enjoyed this guys , stay safe and don’t forget to share !!!.


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