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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying An SUV



Advantages of SUV

It is a common trend that Nigerians usually contemplate whether to buy an SUV or a Sedan car when they are about to purchase their first or next vehicle. These are some of the things you should know before you make up your mind:

Advantages of SUV:

1) Better ground clearance and 4 wheel drive (4WD) gives you better leverage on rough and flooded terrains. Note that not all SUVs have the 4WD feature while some sedan cars do.

2) People usually perceive SUV drivers as having a higher social status. However, this may depend on the type of SUV and some Nigerians claim that it is just a myth.

3) Better protection in the event of a direct impact as the protective beams inside the front and rear bumper are usually high. Therefore, reducing the extent of damage suffered by the vehicle.

4) 7 seater SUVs are good for families as they have capacity to carry more passengers and cargo.

5) Better visibility when driving as you seat higher from the ground.


Disadvantages of SUV:

1) Usually more expensive to buy than a conventional car.

2) Usually more expensive to maintain as most of them come with V6/V8 engines which leads to higher fuel consumption,  more complex system and expensive parts.

3) Some SUVs start to make a squeaky sound as they begin to age.

4) Several SUVs are very unsafe on top speed especially in Nigeria where there are no speed limits. Higher center of gravity causes a higher tendency to rollover.

5) It may be difficult to step into and out of them especially by children and the elderly.

6) Most SUVs have tinted windows which will increase the possibilities of being stopped at a police check point in order to verify if its factory tint and if you have a permit.

We will like to hear personal experiences from current and prospective SUV drivers in the comment section. You can also give some more advantages of SUV and vice versa.

Advantages of SUV

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