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Alfa Romeo Stops With Asymmetrical Placed License Plate



You can recognize many Alfa Romeos from afar because of their asymmetrically placed license plate. Just not future Alfas, because that tradition is over. Alfa Romeo did not decide this entirely voluntarily.

The Alfa Romeos Giulia and Stelvio are the last of the Mohicans for several reasons. They are the last Alfas still developed under Fiat Chrysler, the last models that run exclusively on fuel power and, together with the Tonale, they are the last Alfas with an asymmetrically placed license plate at the front. Speaking to Autocar, chief designer Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos confirms that the brand new Alfa Romeo Junior, with its centrally located front license plate, sets the example for all future Alfa Romeos.

Alfa Romeo was previously free to place the license plate off-centre to give the Scudetto plenty of room, but EU rules now prevent this. Mesonero-Romanos explains: “We are no longer allowed to place the license plate on the corner due to homologation rules in the field of pedestrian safety.” He understands that this may hit the ‘hard core’ of Alfa Romeo fans hard, but likes to point out that, in his opinion, there are also many beautiful old Alfa Romeos that also have the license plate in the middle. He himself says he thinks it looks nicer.

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