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BMW M2 CS With A 500Hp Engine Is Coming In 2025



Traditional BMW enthusiasts have plenty to complain about ‘their’ brand, but the BMW M2 offers much comfort on four wheels. This ultimate driver’s BMW will become even more ultimate because the BMW M2 CS is coming.

Polarizing EVs, huge grilles, gigantic SUVs, and front-wheel-drive hatchbacks: conservative BMW enthusiasts have had a lot to choose from in recent years. Fortunately, in the midst of all that—mind you, quite successful—new stuff, there is still a haven, and it’s called the BMW M2. A compact, two-door coupe body, rear-wheel drive, a fantastic six-cylinder, and, if necessary, a manual gearbox make this BMW as BMW as a BMW can be, and that in 2024.

And because enough is simply not enough for many, BMW is, as before, offering an exaggerated version of this wonderful steering wheel: the BMW M2 CS. Let’s be honest: if the Germans had simply left out the camouflage material, these photos might not have even reached us. After all, the big news here is not optical, although we do spot a quirky ‘ducktail’ rear spoiler, and the M2 CS will undoubtedly get different wheels, more carbon, and perhaps an extra splitter here and there.

What matters, however, is the subcutaneous. The M2 CS is traditionally (even) more intended for serious sporting use, also on the track. Since the previous M2 CS was 40 hp stronger than the M2 Competition of the time, and the current M2 already delivers 460 hp in its normal form, the 500 hp limit is in sight for the S58 block under the hood of this monster. That will take a while. According to the usually well-informed BMW Blog, the M2 CS is scheduled for 2025.

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