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Chile’s Capital City “Santiago” Launches 150 Electric Buses, Now Has 455 E-buses





Chile’s Capital City “Santiago” launches 150 electric buses. The new buses brings Santiago’s bus operator “RED” electric bus fleet to 455.

In comparison, New York City has 25 e-buses, while Lagos has none. 

Santiago currently operates 6,581 buses. It plans to have 800 electric buses in its fleet by the end of this year. RED’s goal is to electrify all the buses in its fleet by 2040.


A fleet of 150 BYD electric buses moving from the San Antonio Port to the Chilean capital Santiago, on June 6, 2020.

Public transport system that serves Chile’s capital city of Santiago, Red Metropolitana de Movilidad (RED), has launched 150 brand new BYD electric buses into service.

The new buses brings BYD’s electric bus fleet in Chile’s capital city to 455. RED currently operates 6,581 buses.


The city, which got its first 100 e-buses in 2018, plans to have 800 e-buses in its fleet by the end of this year. RED Movilidad’s goal is to electrify all the buses in its fleet by 2040.

In comparison, New York City has 25 e-buses and aims to buy 500 more by 2024.



China’s BYD is a global leader in electric bus sales. The company has consolidated its status as a leader in Chile’s electric bus market with a 65 percent share.

According to the country manager of BYD Chile, the new buses will :

“provide residents of Santiago with more quality transport and decontaminate the air as part of the city’s Alameda Project”

The automakers e-buses, e-taxis, and other EVs are in more than 300 cities and in more than 50 countries and regions.

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