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See The Convoy Of 4 Star Nigerian Army General That Turned Eye At A Passing Out Parade



Moment ‘4 Star Nigerian Army General’ Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin, who is the Chief of Defence Staff; arrived at a Passing out parade in a presidential-like convoy.

Cars in his heavily fortified convoy includes two Toyota Land Cruisers, Toyota Camry; Lexus GX470 SUV; Toyota Prado; Ford Ranger and several Toyota Hilux trucks.

Recently, the Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin took part in the Passing out Parade and Commissioning/Pipping Ceremony of Direct Short Service Course 25/2020 held at the Nigerian Army School of Infantry Kaduna.

But, what really turned eyes at the event was the convoy of the 4 Star Nigerian Army General, who was representing the Honourable Minister of Defence, Bashir Salihi Magashi.



In a viral video posted on social media page, YouTube, over a dozens Toyota products were spotted in the General’s motorcade.

Cars spotted in the General’s presidential-like convoy include Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Camry, Lexus GX470, Ford Ranger and several Toyota Hilux trucks.



Following the Toyota Hilux trucks is a green Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, which ferried General Abayomi. The General’s luxury SUV is followed by loads of other millitary backup vehicles, including a Prado. In another scene, a Prado SUV was seen leading the green Toyota Land Cruiser.

Some social media users have been quick to blast the General’s presidential-like convoy :

“When a general needs this much security as he’s a bullion van, that tells you the state of insecurity in the country.”

“4 star fat general lots of luxury and no service done to the population, just another crime!”

“African generals what they know is how to move with huge convoys just to scare civilians, corrupt and brutal but when it comes to protecting the civilians they do nothing. Shame on them.”

“When 4 stars general arrive but still the whole country is poor and a lot of people still in poverty yeah right”

“They are spending all their money to impress the general and the people went to sleep hungry”

“toyota made a lot of money in this country haha”

“So called power of Africa that can’t beat Boko Haram. Shame.”

“Africa’s number one Enemy ? EGO”


“I’m just here for the Land Cruisers and Land Cruiser Prados”

“It’s seems like the whole country’s GDP is in that starting 1 minute clip”

“🤣🤣🤣🤣This country must be Nigeria🤣😂 in Rwanda a 4 Star General has 1 escort and driver only, yet they’re the best warriors on the planet. This small god Gen. of Nigeria is like Idd Amin dada🤣🤣🤣 who cannot”

“What a waste of resources to escort one man to a parade. When the chips are down he will prostrate and beg for his life like General Diya”

Video Credit : MiliTainment TV

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