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Car Driver With No Valid Drivers License Knocks Down A Lady To Death In Abuja

Nwogbunyama Emeka



driver knocks down lady

driver knocks down lady

You won’t know the importance of a valid drivers license until you land yourself into trouble.

This Unlicensed driver reportedly knocked down a lady with his Range Rover SUV and the lady died instantly.

How Much Does It Actually Cost To Get A Drivers License In Nigeria?

The driver veered off the road instantly and got her hit. The driver must have lost control of the SUV for such to have happened.

driver knocks down lady

According to a post on Instagram, the incident happened on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, close to the Apo Bridge.

How To Obtain / Renew Your Driver’s License

Nigerian law enforcement officials that got to the accident scene as soon as the incident occurred arrested the driver upon their investigation; he has no valid license to drive.

Checkout the drivers license centers in Nigeria – Quick Look At Driver’s License Centers In Nigeria. You have no excuse, go and get your license before you hit the road.


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