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Embrace Life , Always Wear Your Seat Belt: Tear-jerking Road Safety Video/Pics




This British road safety advert ,hailed as one of the greatest ever, cost peanuts to make and was shot in just two days.

The tear-jerking seatbelt ad is called Embrace Life and has become a global internet sensationwith over 19 million YouTube views.

It proved so effective that organisations from 129 countries, including American traffic police, major companies, the United Nations and European schools bought the clip to promote road safety. The millions gotten from the ad on licensing fees was put into road safety schemes in Sussex.

The slow-motion, 60-second ad shows a dad miming what happens in a car accident, before his wife and daughter threw their arms around him like a seatbelt to save his life.

The message here shows not only why you should wear your seat belt, but also who you are wearing it for. So, always wear your seat belt.

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