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Ford: “Sales Of Electric Cars Are Slower Than Expected”



Ford’s American branch is counting on a weaker increase in sales of electric cars this year than previously expected. That’s why it is scaling back production of the electric F-150 Lightning

Ford says it is scaling back production of the electric F-150 to achieve an “optimal balance” between production, sales growth, and profitability. Ford thinks that sales of electric cars will rise less quickly this year than previously expected. The F-150 Lightning was the best-selling electric pickup in the United States last year.

Reducing the number of shifts at the Dearborn electric car plant will affect about 1,400 jobs. At the same time, Ford will increase production of its gasoline-powered Bronco and Ranger. This is expected to create 900 new jobs. As far as we know, Ford’s slightly more pessimistic forecast for EV sales has no consequences for the production of other electric models. The Ford F-150 Lightning is currently only available in Norway and Switzerland in Europe.

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