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Ford To Improve Charging Experience With Acquisition Of Auto Motive Power



Ford Motor Company has officially announced the acquisition of the energy solutions provider Auto Motive Power (AMP). By integrating AMP’s advanced charging technology, Ford aims to enhance the electric charging infrastructure and battery management systems for its fleet of electric vehicles.

AMP, a company founded in Los Angeles in 2017, has developed hardware and software for an array of energy solutions, including EV charging systems, cloud-based services, and battery and energy management solutions.

The startup claims that it powers most of the world’s top electric OEMs. With the acquisition, however, AMP as an independent entity will be no more. Ford will incorporate AMP’s technology, skilled workforce, and Santa Fe Springs facility into its operations to expedite its electric vehicle programs.

Ford’s acquisition includes a $26.5 million investment and the integration of approximately 149 staff members into the Ford family. Notably, AMP’s founder, Anil Paryani, will join Ford’s Model E unit, reporting directly to EV development chief Alan Clarke, with whom Paryani previously worked during their tenure at Tesla.

While the exact financial details of the acquisition remain undisclosed, the strategic significance is clear. Ford’s spokesperson, Emma Bergg, emphasized the company’s commitment to accelerating electric vehicle adoption and enhancing the charging experience for customers.

AMP’s technologies also include power management solutions for autonomous rideshare vehicles, drones, and even hyperloop-style transport systems.

Despite Ford’s recent announcement of a slowdown in EV demand, leading to a reduction in Mach-E production and a delay in significant EV investments, the acquisition of AMP confirms the company isn’t changing course. The aim to build 600,000 EVs has been pushed to 2024, yet with AMP’s technology under its belt, Ford may well be positioning itself for a more robust and technologically advanced EV rollout.

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