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10 Facts About Electric Cars You Might Not Know

Electric cars ,hybrids and self driving cars, are currently receiving more attention than they have ever gotten in history. In the spotlight today is electric cars ,but how much do you really know about electric cars ? Lets find out some facts !. 1. Electric cars where invented before cars …

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Tesla Motors : 11 Facts You Cannot Ignore

Tesla motors have continually tested the limits of electric cars and self driving cars .But very few people know about this company .Lets get enlightened . 1. Elon Musk is not the founder of Tesla .The founders are Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning .   – 2. The Model X …

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Faraday Future Trashes Bentley,Ferrari And Tesla

Image Credit – ff.com This week has been  a week of “unleashing”, “bragging” , and “show me what you got”.From Apple’s secret self-driving car, to BMW partnership with IBM,we just can’t stop getting more . Electric Motor’s -Faraday Future have released a video , showcasing its superiority in acceleration , …

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Google Abandons Plans Of A Self Driving Car

  It looks like all we have talked about this week is self-driving cars ,what more could we say ? .Its a technology that we just can’t stop talking about ,just yesterday Apple was in the news ,its Google’s turn. Google has reportedly “thrown to the back seat” plans of …

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