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List of 10 Most Unreliable Cars – Consumer Reports


It’s not always easy pinning down exactly what makes an automobile unreliable, because between harsh environments, poor driving habits, and the occasional lemon or two, a lot can go wrong without there ever being a recall on the automaker’s end. Every year we look forward to hearing what Consumer Reports has found to be …

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Tesla Model 3 Is Coming Sooner Than You Expected

I call him the Tony Stark (Iron Man) of the real world,and he proves me right all the time. The first Tesla Model 3 is coming sooner than we all thought ,to be precise -Friday July 7th,according to series of tweets by Elon Musk. He stated that the Model 3 …

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BMW Is About To Show Tesla Who The Boss Is

In recent years Tesla is the best thing that has happened to the auto industry .Because they have pushed the limits and this has made its big brothers in the industry sit up and improve. BMW is gradually catching up in the electric car business,they are about to introduce an …

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Tesla To Build First Factory In China To Reduce Cost


Tesla Motors, the popular American manufacturing company of electric cars is looking to set up a factory in Shanghai, China. The automakers have found out that it would cut a lot of costs such as the 25%  import tax currently applied on its existing Model S and Model X and would definitely help …

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Tesla Model X SUV Rated The Safest SUV Ever.


Many other SUV models have been given five stars overall ratings by the National Highway Traffic Administration, but all got four star ratings on rollover risk due to the high center of gravity that they possess. But the electric-powered Model X with its falcon- winged doors that open vertically, has …

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Tesla Teases New Model Y Compact SUV (Photo)


Just like the Tesla Model S is getting a baby Model 3, the Model X would also be getting a baby Model Y. To confirm the upcoming Model Y electric compact SUV, Tesla has released the first teaser photo. “I’m really excited about Model Y,” Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO said, …

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