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Which Is The Greatest Menace For Nigerian Road Users?



The menace of driving on Nigerian roads are numerous. They are not limited to stress induced by dense traffic and the all too common accidents.

Other factor seems to solely exist just to deprive you of any enjoyment from a pleasurable driving experience.

These are a few of the oft encountered menaces:

Bad Roads
Bad roads are like the popular telecom slogan ‘everywhere you go’. They seem to have a mind of their own preferring to be located where it will be most distrustful to road users. At best they slow you down and at worst they damage your vehicle.

The Uniformed Crew
You can’t be a Nigerian driver without encountering them – The police, State traffic management agencies, Vehicle inspection officials etc. Your vehicle papers must be up to date or else you either part with some money or take a trip to their offices.
On good days they check only your papers, on bad days they check papers, the vehicle itself and accessories.

Heavy Trucks
The fuel tanker and the unlatched container truck are not the best partners to tangle with. There have been occurrences where they tip over and fall on vehicles. Prudent drivers give them a wide berth while on the road and they are very cautious when overtaking. The reason is simple, collision with such a large truck can turn your beloved car to a wreck and land you in a hospital.

Commercial buses
Drivers of ‘Danfo’ buses are not renowned for their politeness and consideration for other road users.
They see nothing wrong with disobeying traffic regulations. That includes stopping to pick or drop passengers in the middle of the road, adding one more menace to deprive you of peaceful driving.

Commercial Motorcycles
The more the government try to limit their operations, the more they devise means of eluding government enforcement officers. It is not uncommon to see a motorcycle with the rider and 3 or more mounted passengers.
They dart in and out of traffic. A city driver must be on the alert to avoid hitting them.

Traffic Robbers
A typical road user will have in his possession, a phone, some money and other valuables. These are attractive targets for traffic robbers. Robberies happens often in the later hours on roads that are congested. It happens in broad daylight too.

Pedestrians with death wishes do sprint across fast moving expressways. They cross the road even where the zebra crossing is only a few meters away. Another menace that alert motorists are wary of.

Broken Down Vehicles
Not only yours, other vehicle do break down on the road, sometimes on ungodly hours.
A broken down fuel tanker or container truck can paralyse traffic for hours. At night, it is doubly dangerous.

One man’s food is another man’s poison. Some road users prefer encounters with the police- they can argue, bargain or simply pay. Others will dare any rough riding commercial motorcycle to cross their path, since they (the motorcycles) are not supposed to be on the particular stretch of road in the first place.

Indicate your preferences. Share your encounter or add to the above list.

Happy motoring.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dapson

    February 7, 2018 at 16:18

    All of the above but the heavy trucks are the major menace for now….causing unnecessary traffic. W e use this medium to implore Lagos State Government to please do something about them.

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