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Honda Recalls 2018-2019 Honda Pilot & Acura MDX, Ridgeline And Others Over Timing Belt Issues



honda pilot recall

honda pilot recall

American Honda will voluntarily recall approximately 94,000 model-year 2018-2019 Honda Pilot and Acura MDX vehicles and 2019 Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridgeline, Acura TLX, Acura RLX and RLX Sport Hybrid vehicles in the United States to inspect and, if needed, replace the timing belt, for free.

Due to manufacturing process errors, certain lots of timing belts for V6 engines have insufficient strength in the belt teeth, which may break away from the belt, leading to slippage of the belt and incorrect engine timing. If this happens, an engine may stall while driving, increasing the risk of a crash or injury, and potentially causing engine damage. Any engine damage associated with the failure of a recalled timing belt will be repaired for free. Honda has received no reports of crashes or injuries related to this condition.

Honda is announcing this recall to encourage each owner of an affected vehicle to take it to an authorized dealer as soon as they receive notification of this recall from Honda or Acura. Mailed notification to owners will begin in early-June 2019.


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