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No Charges On Cars Parked In Compounds, Only On Setbacks Owned By LASG – GM LASPA



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LASG owns setbacks across the metropolis, says GM Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA), says GM LASPA. 

Refutes the allegation of charging a customer the sum of N290,000 for parking in her compound.

Says LASPA only issue Demand Notices on cars parked on setbacks, which rightfully belongs to the LASG.

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The Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA) has refuted the allegation contained in a viral post on social media by one Nelly Agbogu, the owner of Healthy Foods and Snacks in Lekki Phase I, alleging that the Authority charged her the sum of N290,000 for parking in her compound.

Refuting the allegation, the General Manager of LASPA, Mrs. Adebisi Adelabu, described the claim as totally false, scandalous and inimical to the image of the Authority and the Lagos State Government.

She stressed that the said business outfit was duly charged for parking cars on the road setback, which by law belongs to the Government of Lagos State.

No Charges On Cars Parked In Compounds, Only On Setbacks Owned By LASG - GM LASPA

LASPA boss clarified that authority, through its staff or agent, does not issue Demand Notices on cars parked in any compound, except those parked on setbacks across the metropolis, which she said rightfully belongs to the Lagos State Government.

In her words:

“For the avoidance of doubt a setback, for obvious reasons, is the space between the perimeter fencing and the walkway or the road, as the case may be.

“Whoever claims he/she owns a setback around his/her property will have to provide official documentation from a State Government authorised Ministry, Department and Agency showing the legal ownership of the said setback and the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Certificate of the property to LASPA”.

While frowning at the deliberate malicious statement and falsehood by Nelly Agbogu, the General Manager reiterated that LASPA is saddled with the responsibility of promoting the Lagos State parking policies in line with national transport policies by advancing knowledge, raising standards and assessment of related fees.

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