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Land Rover Celebrates 48th Year Anniversary Of Range Rover Production




Range Rover

Land Rover Celebrates 48th year anniversary of it’s Iconic product, The Range Rover. The Luxury car was first produced in the year 1970 and since then has gone to be one the most sought after luxury vehicle in the world. An animation has been created to mark key dates in the history of the legendary SUV.

The animation shows how they have been able to transform from the 1970 classic to the latest edition. The Elegant SUV has 1.7 million sales to date. Range Rover Trademark features including its ‘floating’ roof, distinctive clamshell bonnet, continuous belt line and practical split tailgate all pay homage to the groundbreaking original.

The evolution of the Range Rover is animated with the following models:

  • 1969 Prototype (Velar)
  • 1970 Classic (two-door)
  • 1973 Classic (Suffix C)
  • 1981 Classic (four-door)
  • 1994 Second-generation (P38a)
  • 2001 Third-generation
  • 2012 Fourth-generation
  • 2014 Fourth-generation Long Wheelbase
  • 2015 SVAutobiography
  • 2016 SVAutobiography Dynamic

Watch the promotional video published by Land Rover:


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