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Reports: Mercedes-AMG CLE 63 To Get A V8 Engine As Inline-4 Cylinder is Dropped



With the C63 and GLC 63, Mercedes-AMG seemed to have opted for more ’63’ models from the powerful plug-ins with four-cylinder engines. That turns out not to be the case. The top versions of the CLE and probably also the E-class will simply get a V8 again.

Mercedes-AMG caused quite a stir with the C63 SE Performance presented in 2022 and then with the GLC 63. After all, they have a four-cylinder engine that, together with an electric motor, produces a system power of 680 hp. A lot of power, but apparently the lack of four cylinders and the considerable extra weight are reasons for quite a few people to give a wide berth to the top C and GLC. According to reports, Mercedes-AMG has decided to take a different course with the CLE, partly due to the somewhat disappointing reception of the two.

Well, given the fact that the CLE 53 already has a six-cylinder, it seemed quite special if the 63 would then get a four-cylinder, but Autocar now hears from Mercedes-AMG that even the six-cylinder engine will be skipped and the CLE 63 will simply get a V8. That is the well-known 4.0 biturbo V8. The medium previously heard from Mercedes CEO Markus Schäfer that the ‘customer decides’. The fact that the CLE gets the V8 may offer prospects for a Mercedes-AMG E63, which is still shrouded in mystery. You can safely assume that it will have an eight-cylinder. It will probably receive electrical support to be far enough away from the already very strong E53 in terms of power. It might get the 816 hp powertrain of the AMG GT 63 SE Performance.

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