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See Why Some SUVs Have Their Spare Tyre At The Rear Door



There are several places in a car where spare tyres could be stored. One of these storage locations is at the rear door of a car. This type of spare tyre storage arrangement is found mostly in SUVs and offroad cars. One could be wondering why car manufacturers took up the idea to store store them at the rear door of all places. This post has an answer to that.

We decided to find out the reason behind this and this is what we found.

The reason why some SUVs have their spare tyre at the rear door is because of the space-saving, as well as aesthetically pleasing feature it gives. Instead of occupying space inside the car, manufacturers just create the external mounting outside of the car.

There are other external mounting arrangements car manufacturers use to store spare tyres. You can go through our post HERE to see them.

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