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6 Different Spare Tyre Storage Locations In Cars



The aim of this post is to point out the 6 different spare tyre storage locations in cars. You’ll get to see where different manufacturers decided to place the spare tyres that comes with their cars. You  may just know the common ones you’ve seen around but not all.

A Spare tyre is an additional tyre you carry about in your car so you can replace the ones in use when they run flat or go bad. It is advisable to always keep your spare tyre in good condition at all times, because you wouldn’t know when you’ll need it the most. Every tyre comes with a specified speed ratings which indicates the maximum speed legally approved for the tyre.

When you have a good knowledge of your tyre safety information, and also how to extend the life of your tyre, you may not spend much on tyres.

What we all know as spare tyre is not just a tyre; it is a wheel (rim) with a tyre.  Some spare tyres like the donut tyre is not for long distance travel and comes with minimum speed rating.

Surprisingly (to some), most of all these latest cars don’t come with spare tyres. Some of these vehicles are fitted with run-flat tyres while others have a can of tyre repair foam, to repair punctured tyres.This method is useless in cases of larger tyre puncture or when there is a tyre blowout.

Below are the different tyre storage locations found in cars.

1. Spare tyre cradle well inside the trunk

This type of spare tyre storage is found in most of the cars we see in Nigeria today. This location is a recessed area in the trunk which is often in the center. The spare tyre most times is fastened with a bolt and wing-nut. Added to this, a stiff sheet of cardboard lies on top of the spare tyre in order to make the storage compartment flat. It also serve to make the compartment pleasing to the eyes. This type of storage is found in cars like Lexus ES350, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

spare tyre storage locations

2. Cradle underneath the rear of the vehicle

In this type of storage, the spare tyre is usually secured by a bolt that is accessible from inside the trunk of the car. The reason why the accessibility from inside of the car is centered on security. One advantage of this type of storage is that you don’t have to empty the contents in your trunk to access your spare tyre. One of the major disadvantages of this storage type is the tyre exposure to dirt. This can also lead to rust which makes the spare tyre difficult to access. Similar arrangement is also found in trucks where the spare tyre is stored beneath the truck bed. This type of storage is found in cars like the Nissan Xterra SUV.

spare tyre storage locations

3. External mount on the rear door

This type of tyre storage is yet another storage location that is common to us. The spare tyre is fastened to the rear door of the car. It is mostly found in SUVs and some Crossovers. This type of storage is found in cars like the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G-Wagon and Toyota Rav4.

spare tyre storage locations

4. External mount on the roof

This type of spare tyre storage has a mount on the roof of the car. This type of storage is found in cars like the Jeep Cherokee.

spare tyre storage locations

5. External mount on the bonnet (hood)

As strange as you may think it is, some automakers thought it wise to mount spare tyres on the bonnet (hood) of their cars. This type of storage is found in cars like Land Rover Defender.

6. Mount inside the engine bay

Surprisingly, some cars have spare tyre mount in their engine bay. This type of storage is found in cars like the Renault 14, First generation Fiat Panda and older Subaru vehicles, such as the Subaru Leone.

spare tyre storage locations

Are there other storage locations we missed? Let’s know using the comment section.

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