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Tyre Blowout, Causes And How They Happen




Tyre blowout has claimed many lives on our Nigerian roads.
When there is tyre blowout, the tyre burst and this is always accompanied by a rapid loss of air pressure.
Blowout is bound to occur when something allows air to escape from the tyre, hence, preventing the tyre from supporting the weight of the vehicle.

Tyre blowout can arise as a result of:

  • overloading a vehicle
  • A massive cut that causes rapid air loss
  • Most vulcanizers INFLATING TOO MUCH PRESSURE into your tyres. Pressure above what was recommended by the car manufacturers.

Tyres are made of rubber and they expand at high temperature. When you are traveling in the afternoon when the asphalt on the road is hot, the tyres tend to expand. If the pressure in the tyre is too much and wouldn’t accommodate the expansion, a burst is likely to occur at that time.

Please, kindly check the recommended tire size and pressure for your car. Don’t be the next to die as a result of over inflated tire.

Stick around, we will be writing a post soon on how to handle tyre blowout when driving.

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