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5 Extremely Important Tyre Safety Information



spoilt car tire

We don’t need any rocket scientist to prove to us that the car tyres are very important part of every vehicle. It remains the only component that makes the whole embodiment of a car to have contact with the ground and hence, move.

Any tyre, no matter how well constructed, may fail due to improper maintenance or service factor. Not taking proper care of the tyre may create risk to your life and car as well as serious and fatal injury or death.

For your safety, comply with the following:

1. Tire Inflation:

Keep tyres inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. These inflation pressures must be maintained as a minimum. However, do not exceed the maximum tire pressure rating indicated on the sidewall of the tire.
Check Tyre Pressure when cold:
Check inflation pressure on all your tyres, including the spare, when tyres are cold, at least once a month before driving.
NB: failure to maintain correct inflation may result in improper vehicle handling and may cause rapid or irregular tire wear, sudden tire destruction or even personal injury.

2. Load Limits:

Do not overload your car. Driving on any overloaded tire is dangerous. Don’t load your tyres more than the load carrying limits molded into the sidewall of the tires.
Overloading causes heat to build up which can lead to sudden tyre failure.
Speed Limit and speed rated tires:

3.Visual Inspection:

Insect your tyres and do not drive on damaged tyres or wheels. Check your tyres frequently for scrapes, bulges, separations, cuts, snags, cracks, penetration or excessive localized wear from hard braking. Check the edges of the tyres for wears causes by misalignment or under-inflation.

4. Tire Mixing:

For best performance select tyres similar in size and load rating to the original equipment tyres. It is recommended that the same size and tyre of tyres be used on all the four wheel positions. It is still best you don’t mix tyres up. Just use the same for all four.

5. Tire Rotation:

Tyres should be rotated according to your car manufacturer or as irregular wear develops. If irregular wear becomes apparent or if the wear rate on the tyres is perceptibly uneven, the tyres should be rotated in such a way to alleviate the problem. Correct this problem if it persists.
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