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How To Check If Your Seat Belts Are Properly Working



car seat belt

Statistics have revealed that your chance of being injured in an accident and/or the severity of injury may be greatly reduced if you are wearing your seat belt. It is strongly recommended that the driver and all passengers buckle up every time they are on board.

No matter how sophisticated you might think your car safety technology is, you should never underestimate the usefulness of your seat belt.
There is a very simple method to check if these seat belts are properly functioning or just an ordinary rope so to say.

There is what is called ‘Retractor’ in every seat belt system, except for older cars like Peugeot 504. The retractor is designed to lock during a sudden stop or on impact. They are designed to lock the seat belt movement by two separate methods.
When the seat belt is pulled quickly from the retractor and when the vehicle slows down rapidly.

To know if your seat belts are properly functioning and to increase your confidence, check the operations as follows:

Grasp the shoulder belt and pull quickly forward. The retractor should lock and restrict further belt movement. If the retractor does not lock during this check, know that something is wrong. Visit a good and prestigious autorepair shop to get it fixed before it’s too late


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