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14 Essential Safety Tips For Cyclists



1. Wear A Helmet

Always wear a helmet when riding a bike. It is for your own good. Wearing a helmet protects your head in the event of a fall. So, ensure to always protect your head by wearing a helmet.

2. Do a Quick Bicycle Test

Before you start a ride, check your brakes and your wheels. Make sure that “quick release” wheels are properly secured. Check to see if your bicycle is properly adjusted. Also, check to see if your saddle is in a comfortable position.

3. Don’t Get Distracted

While riding, do not listen to music or talk on the phone. Stay focused. Keep your attention on the road ahead of you. Always look out for likely obstruction in order to avoid them.

4. Obey The Traffic Light

 Abide by the traffic light rules, especially the ones that are specific to bicycle riding. Bicycle riding is not exempted from traffic rules. Do not jump red lights. Jumping the traffic light can confuse motorists in the active lane. Their reaction can pose a risk to you.

5. Don’t Cycle on sidewalks or pavement

 Riding on sidewalks can be hazardous to pedestrians walking on them. Only ride on them if the pavement is a designated cycle path.

6. Wear brightly-coloured or reflective cloth

Use bright or reflective clothing when cycling. This is necessary especially in places with busy vehicular activities. Night time and in bad weather conditions are also situations when  wearing bright or reflective clothing is important.

7. Stay Visible 

Stay within the line of vision of other vehicle drivers. Ride in a position where you can see and be seen. If they can see you, they are less likely to hit you.

8. Use Lights When Biking At Night

 Use light at night or when riding in low-light conditions. It make the condition of the road ahead of you easily seen. It also makes approaching vehicles to see you.

 9. Use Hand Signals

Use  hand signals to let drivers and other bicyclists know where you are going.

10. Look And Make Eye Contact

 Do not assume drivers will stop, especially at junctions. Look and make eye contact then you know they have seen you.

11. Ride In The Direction Of Traffic

Go with the flow. Ensure to always ride in the direction of traffic.

12. Don’t weave in and out of traffic

Act like a car.  Drivers are used to the patterns of other drivers. Do not weave in and out of traffic. The more predictably you ride, the safer you are. Check for traffic. Be conscious of other vehicles around you.

13. Use your bell

Not all pedestrians can see you. Ring your bell to inform them of your presence.

14. Watch out for car doors

Car doors that open suddenly is one of the most common hazards that motorcyclists face. These situations are difficult to anticipate. The only way to avoid driving into a door that opens suddenly is to assume that every single door in your path will open. So, always leave a door-sized space when passing any stopped car—not just parked ones.




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