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5 Ways To Know Your Brake Pads Are Due For Change




In order to maintain safe brake performance, it is advised you change your brake pads before they go too low.

But how can one know when the brake pads are due change?

Here are some things that you would notice.

When you start noticing some of the things you’re about to read now, know your brake pads need to be replaced with new ones.

1. If you hear high-pitched screeching or grinding noise when you apply your brakes, it could be an indication that your pads are worn or not original.

2. If there are a lot of vibrations when you  apply the brakes.

3. When the brake pedals are lower than normal from visual inspection.

4. When there are lots of brake dust on the wheels of the car.

5. Some recent cars have brake pad sensors that notifies the driver through the dashboard when the brake pads are low.

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Your braking system is one of the most important systems in your car. It keeps you safe. Do well to keep it in good shape at all times. Brake pads are very vital. They should always be in top working condition.

Another good way to keep an eye on the brake pads is to inspect them whenever you car is due oil change.

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