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Nigeria To Reduce Sulphur Content In Petrol, Diesel And Kerosene Effective July 1, 2017





The Standards Organisation of Nigeria {SON}, in conjunction with the National Automotive Design and Development Council {NADDC}, has announced a mandatory reduction in the sulphur content of petroleum fuels available in the Nigerian market
The regulatory agencies have, therefore, directed that effective from July 1, 2017, diesel fuel {or automotive gas oil, AGO}, petroleum {premium motor spirit, PMS}, and household kerosene, sold to consumers must not have sulphur content exceeding the permissible level.

A statement issued by the Director-General and CEO of NADDC, Engr. Aminu Jalal, explained that SON took the measure in recognition of the fact that sulphur in fuels is as harmful to the environment as it is to the engines during combustion. “Sulphur in petroleum fuels results in vehicle exhaust emissions that have negative health and environmental impacts. Harmful emission-reducing technologies in vehicles also require low Sulphur fuels to be effective,” Jalal stated.

He said the decision was reached following consultations by SON with relevant stakeholders, including the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation {NNPC} and its subsidiary, the DPR {Department of Petroleum Resources}.

The Director-General disclosed that from July 1, all diesel fuel in the country should have maximum sulphur levels of 50 parts per million (ppm), while petrol should have maximum sulphur levels of 150 ppm. Household Kerosene (HHK), he added, must not exceed Sulphur levels of 150 ppm.

He explained further that petroleum fuels that have high sulphur levels generate directly high emission levels in automotive engines: “Such vehicle emissions contain high level of toxic pollutants, such as benzenes and particulates that have negative impacts on human health and on the environment. Technically, modern vehicles require fuels that meet high quality standards for a more efficient operation of their engines:

It is expected that all petroleum products imported into the country or refined locally from July 1, will have the prescribed low sulphur content.


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