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Super Wing Carrier:No Truck In Nigeria Can Attempt This Extremely Tight Turn On A Narrow Bridge




This Nooteboom Super Wing Carrier is specially designed to transport extremely long loads like a windmill rotor blades by road in a much easier, faster and efficient way.

The normal extendible semi-trailers are no longer practical to carry loads that are up to 60 metres in length ,as they require building a completely new road and route before it can moved .

From the clips above, the rear wheels of the super wing carrier were steered , allowing it to makes a 90 degrees tight turn on a narrow bridge with railings on both sides.

Without the carrier , patience and a very careful measurement, it is almost impossible to do such a transport with a 60 metres long (196.85ft) blade.

Have you seen a truck or trailer ( carrying loads of similar lenght) attempt this kind of tight turn on a narrow road before?