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Ten-year-old Boy Took Lil’ Sister On Astonishing 161kph Police Chase With Father’s Stolen Car





Ten-year-old russian boy took part in astonishing 161kph (100mph) police chase in his father’s stolen car.

He said he wanted to take his four-year-old sister to see their grandma after getting bored of being shut inside during the lockdown.


A ten-year-old Russian boy racer, Georgy, drove at up to 100 mph on a terrifying 19-mile round trip after stealing his father’s car in Russia.

The daredevil boy has been grounded after driving his four year old sister to their grandmother’s home. He said he got bored of being shut inside during the lockdown.

After reaching his destination, he turned back, fearing his granny would scold him.

Terrifying dash cam video shows what looks like a scene from Grand Theft Auto, with sirens blaring throughout the video as police chase the car. During the chase, other vehicles were forced to swerve to avoid being hit by “boy’s car”.

The footage also shows the boy telling her sister not to cry, calmly reassuring his sister that everything will be alright.

He boasted that “The cops just can’t catch us”

“Yes, they will put us in a jail,’ her little sister warned him.

He added that : “That’s it, Eva, don’t cry, don’t cry…Don’t cry, my sweet one, don’t cry.”


The 19-miles chase came to an end after cutting off another car, before ending up on tram tracks.

Police confirmed to his parents that the “boy driver” reached up to 100mph in his father’s stolen car, which was more than double the speed limit.

His parents, who were in ‘utter shock’ after the incident, said it’s a ‘miracle’ no-one was hurt or killed.

They are waiting to hear if they will face police or social services punishment for “improper performance of parental duties”.

His father told reporters that :

“I did not teach him to drive or allow him to do so. And he went at some incredible speed.

“It is a miracle that he did not knock anyone down, and that the children themselves didn’t suffer… How can a 10-year-old boy drive such a large car, being behind the wheel for the first time?

“And of course the weather was completely appalling.”

He added that :

“Me and my wife are in utter shock. If to speak about the physical punishment, I honestly wanted to. But it is recommended not to do so and I didn’t.

“I will correct this.”

The 10 year old boy driver is reportedly a good pupil and loves football.

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