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8 Types Of Nigerians You’ll Meet In Commercial Buses



The best place to catch the lifetime moment is sometimes in the bus. There are some extremely annoying things people do that makes you regret even starting the journey.

1. You meet the preachers;

Imagine when there is intense traffic and everyone is praying for the traffic to reduce, then you see one sis/bro preaching the gospel. P.S nobody is saying this is wrong, but it could be annoying. The bro/sis start singing and after that they tell you why trousers is bad, they even use you to preach if you are unlucky. After that, they ask for what you can use to support the gospel and cajole you to drop anything.

2. You see the hawkers;

All these ones are good at what they do. They always pray for traffic, so they can sell their goods. Aside the hawkers on the road that sells the basic things you need. There are some that are in the bus, they sell everything in this world ranging from agbo jedi, body soap, drugs, story books, love book, lyrics, multivitamin, insecticides and so on. These people have sweet mouth ehn.

3. The commentators;

All these people make traffic condition over tiring. You see them commenting on everything they see. They talk about how poor the economy is, they argue about anything from politics, religious, tribe et.c. They engage people in the bus with all manners of unnecessary talks. I don’t ever want to stay close to them. 

4. The bad odor category;

Hmmm the list wouldn’t be complete without these people. They have awful smell that you just want to throw up. Sometimes, they are either passengers or even the bus conductor. Pray you don’t sit next to them through the journey.

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5. The food mongers;

All these ones buy and eat anything possible they see in traffic. first they are having puff-puff, next thing is rice, pop corn, biscuit, lacasera and gala. They don’t ever get tired of putting something in the mouth. Bad thing is if you are next to them and you are hungry.

6. The Proud ones;

All these ones are something else, they fight for front space in the bus, they sit so comfortably, even when you tell them to adjust a bit, they find it difficult. They complain about how small the bus is, and even brag about how they would have gone with their car or cab. hmmmm.

7. The parole guys;

You must have come across this guys. They don’t mind dropping at your b/stop just to exchange contact. They even offer to pay for your t fare. They always want to engage in conversation with you by all means. Sometimes they always have poor English or mouth odor, too bad.

8. The Sleepers ;

All these ones can sleep for Africa. they can sleep any where so far they are OK. They sleep, open their mouth and some even snore. They sleep through the journey even when the bus is noisy. Unfortunately, some of them over sleep and miss their B/stops.

Which category/ies do you fall in? lol.




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