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UK’s Gatwick Airport Reopens:See Why Flights Were Cancelled For 36 Hours Because Of Two Drones



Flights at the United Kingdom’s Gatwick Airport were cancelled for more than 30 hours after a 2 drones was spotted flying around the vicinity within a 12-hour period.

Over 750 flights were cancelled and more than 100,000 stranded due to the fear that the remote-controlled aerial vehicles ( drones ) might collide and crash into an airliner’s jet engine, propeller, wings or even crash through the windscreen.

Before the drones disappeared from the sky, the police and military personnel were tracking the signal through  triangulation in order to hunt down the criminal ,who could face up to five years in jail.

Some airports use high powered radio waves from Anti-UAV Defense System system to disable drones by blocking their communication and switching them off in mid-air.

This clip and pics from University of Dayton Research Institute shows how drones can cause serious damages to planes

Earlier in the week,a Mexican Aeromexico’s Boeing 737 Passenger plane was damaged by a flying drone

Some flights have resumed at the UK’s second-busiest airport on Friday . During the 36hr runway shutdown, 91 of 412 scheduled arrivals were cancelled while 64 of 371 scheduled departures were cancelled.