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Black Box To Become Compulsory In All New Cars In Europe



The European Union is set to implement a new requirement starting in July 2024. All newly registered М1 passenger cars in the EU will be required to be equipped with Event Data Recorders – EDRs.

The EDR, often referred to as the “black box” in airplanes, will store critical vehicle data. In the unfortunate event of an accident, experts can use this data to gain invaluable insights into the accident’s cause and progression.

The driving force behind this requirement is UN Regulation No. 160, which has been in effect since July 6, 2022, mandating the inclusion of EDRs in all new vehicle developments. However, starting July 7, 2024, this requirement will extend to cover not only newly developed vehicles but also all newly registered passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

EDRs can be found in the airbag control modules and continuously record a multitude of vehicle data. This data is only permanently stored when specific sensors detect an accident or unusual driving conditions that could potentially lead to an accident. The recorded data is preserved within a 300-millisecond window before and after the triggering event.

The recorded data falls into three categories: vehicle dynamics information before the crash, after the crash, and restraint system information. Accessing this data requires specialized equipment connected to the EDR through the OBD interface. However, access to the EDR is subject to stringent restrictions and typically requires a court order due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governing data stored within the EU.

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