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Peugeot Not Making A Smaller Electric Car As 208 Remains The Base



Citroën has spearheaded the battle in the EV land with its brand new ë-C3 within Stellantis. It is the start of a series of small electric cars spread across different brands. There will be a total of seven relatively cheap EVs from Stellantis on that basis. There is no Peugeot among them, as we discovered today, as CEO Linda Jackson is quite clear about this.

The British CEO of Peugeot explains that Peugeot wants to make the electric car more accessible in a different way. “We don’t see the solution in making a smaller car, but in offering as many innovative financial options as possible to make them as accessible as possible.” In short, Peugeot sees more in lower running costs than in lower purchase costs and therefore does not necessarily consider a smaller model under the 208 necessary.

Jackson gives the example of Peugeot As You Go, which should allow you to drive a modest number of kilometers per month in an electric Peugeot for a modest amount.  There has already been a pilot in France where a Peugeot e-208 could be driven for €150 per month, partly thanks to government subsidies. There was a maximum monthly mileage of 500 km, with an additional 7 cents per kilometer above that. It will probably not be that cheap in practice, but Peugeot (although it will remain with the 208) may indeed still play an interesting role in affordable electric driving.

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