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VIO Creating Artificial Scarcity, Selling N56,000 Number Plates For N120,000 : Report



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VIO creating artificial scarcity, selling N56,000 number plates for N120,000, Saturday PUNCH reveals.

VIO Creating Artificial Scarcity, Selling N56,000 Number Plates For N120,000 : Report - autojosh

The Directorate of Road Traffic Services, popularly known as Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) is selling “express” and “premium” vehicle registration plates (number plates) between N100,000 and N120,000, according to Saturday PUNCH.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that the exorbitant fee was charged under the guise that the number plates were unavailable.

A motorist who was asked to cough up N120,000 as against the official N56,000 price told Saturday PUNCH how the VIO created an artificial scarcity to drive up the price.

“I have been trying to get the number, but I was told by VIO that it is N120k against the official N56k price. They received a new stock last Thursday, but the plates are not available. They are creating artificial scarcity so they can continue to sell at 120k”, he said.

When Punch reached out to an officer in the VIO under the guise of urgently needing a plate number, the officer said there were no plate numbers, but that he could get an “express” number in two days from the Director’s office for the hiked sum.

“No plate numbers for now. It will be till next week when they bring a new order. The plates are between N56,000 and 58,000 for a saloon car. But if you want it express from the Director’s office, you will pay between N100,000 and N120,000. I will go and pick it up for you within two days, you understand?

“So, think about it. But if you don’t need it urgently, then you can just wait till we restock, and I’ll let you know. The one from the Director’s office is by slot. So, it depends on if you can pay that amount. If you can’t, just wait till next week”, the Officer said.

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