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Volvo Records Positive Sales In The Month Of October



Volvo recorded a sales increase for the 14th month in a row in October 2023. According to the brand, this is mainly due to the electric cars in the range. And then the compact and relatively affordable EX30 is yet to come.

Volvo sold a total of 59,861 cars in October, 10 percent more than in the same month last year. Since January, 569,019 Volvos have been sold. Compared to the competition from Germany (roughly three times as much), this is not that much, but it is a nice 18 percent more than in the first three quarters of 2022.

Moreover, Volvo can boast of a relatively high share of EVs in the total sales mix. Fully electric models accounted for 18 percent of the total, compared to 15.1 percent at BMW. In October last year, ‘only’ 12 percent of Volvos sold worldwide were electric. If we also include plug-in hybrids, the share of Volvo’s Recharge models amounts to 36 percent. Robust, although this, of course, also means that most new Volvos still cannot be charged. Of the 59,861 cars Volvo sold worldwide in October, 24,892 went to European customers.

The Volvo XC60 is Volvo’s most popular model worldwide, while the XC40 is in second place worldwide. Especially for Europe, a lot is expected of the new Volvo EX30, the first examples of which have yet to be delivered. We were already able to go out with that car, and next week you can read and see on this website what we think of that compact Volvo.

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