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Watch The Riskiest Car Launch Of 2017 : The Jaguar E Pace Record-Breaking Barrel Roll



As an highlight to the launch of the Jaguar E-Pace crossover, the JLR earned a Guinness World Record for its new model completing an epic 15.3 metre-long(50 foot) jump with a 270-degree corkscrew-like barrel roll in a production vehicle.By showing the feat in slow motion, Jaguar’s video made it look even more impressive.

Landing the jump require the stunt driver,Terry Grant, holder of 21 officially-amazing GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles, to accelerate for 525 feet, hitting the launch ramp at a precise speed.

While in the air,Grant experienced 5.5Gs of force, and it looks like the landing was pretty harsh too. Naturally, this jump was computer-modeled before it was attempted in real life.The E-Pace was also fitted with a roll-cage, a racing seat, and a harness.

This is not the first time Jaguar and Terry Grant have hit the headlines for their record-breaking stunts.

In 2015 Jaguar introduced the F-PACE sports car at the Niederrad Racecourse in Germany, by attempting the world’s Largest loop the loop in a car ever.Terry successfully completed a daunting 19.08 m tall, 360 degree circle.

We expect Terry Grant and Jaguar Landrover,the king of stunts,to hold onto their Guinness record for a while,or at least until JLR brings out a new SUV.



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