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9 Useful Tips For Car Owners During Harmattan





Our customized winter is finally here, but with dust and fog ? . It comes with advantages and disadvantages for everyone in general, but close to no advantage for car owners and drivers .

Let’s go over some tips to help you get through harmattan in one piece .

Slow Down

You can’t really tell whats in front of you sometimes, so you’ve got to slow down . Drive at safe speeds, so you can easily regain control in the case of an unexpected obstacle.

Be Careful With Petrol

Please do not store petrol in your home or car, inside a keg.During harmattan, the air is drier than usual, so things ignite really faster than usual . Be safe .

Turn On Your Fog Lights

Especially early in the morning, its for your safety and that of other drivers .

Keep Your Distance 

Allow some space between you and the car in front, because of poor visibilty he might make unexpected stops, so you have enough space and time to do what is needed.

Avoid Changing Lanes

Unless you have to, avoid changing lanes, remember there is poor visibilty (especially early in the morning) and most cars behind you might not see you.

Have A Hand Towel In Your Car

As I type this, my hands and feet are sweaty, its my body trying to compensate for the dryness(even though every where is cold ).So if you are like me, you need to keep your hands dry, so you have a good grip on the steering wheel.

Drive Only if You Have To

If every where is too dusty or foggy (especially early in the morning), you can wait a bit for it to be clearer before you head out,except you have to right away .

Carry Out Maintenance On Your Air Filters

Mid way into the harmattan season, and after , its wise to carry out maintenace on air filters or replace(depending on your preference), because of all the dust it has taken in .

Take Note Of Traffic And Construction Signs

Keep your eyes open and obey traffic signs, they are there for a reason .Lagos has so many road contructions going on presently, be careful so you don’t drive into a heavy duty machine.

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