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Watch Volvo Truck’s Automatic Braking System And An Alert Driver Save A Kid’s Life




Driving a new vehicle that’s equipped with the latest safety assistance systems could make a difference between life and death not only for its occupants, but for distracted pedestrians, too.

Articulated trucks have a tremendous inertia under braking, so they’re very difficult to bring to a stop in emergency situations.

However, in this particular case, the Volvo truck’s brakes seemed to defy the laws of physics, as the braking distance is incredibly short (truck came to a complete stop in no time).

A bus drops school kids off at a station, and then two of the children proceed to run across the road without checking both ways for traffic. Imagine driving the truck and suddenly seeing a running child in front of you.

Fortunately for the kids, the truck driver was alert and quickly stomped on the brakes. The boy was also lucky the truck was a Volvo FH Series equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB) system.

Thanks to the safety technology, likely combined with the driver’s quick reaction time that saved precious lives during the process.

Hats off to Volvo and the driver!


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