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Watch:The New Range Rover Evoque SUV Shows It Has The Land Rover’s Trademark All-terrain Capabilities



Does the tiny and not-so-rugged looking Range Rover Evoque SUV – that is specially built for the city- have the trademark all-terrain capability we’ve all come to expect from a Land Rover?

The signs say yes, just like its predecessors that scaled over the World’s Largest Speed Bump back in 2017.

2020 Velar VS 2020 Evoque, See The Differences Between The Two Range Rover SUVs

The new compact SUV’s On and off-road handling, combined with its all-weather capabilities and revised engine-options, still delivers a confident and assured drive, no matter the conditions …

The new tech-filled Velar-looking Range Rover Evoque is a compelling successor to the vehicle that captured hearts all over the world. The SE trim starts at ₦15.5 ($42,795) while the Autobiography trim starts at ₦23m ($63,595),both prices before shipping

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