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10 Safety Tips For Taxi Drivers



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Whether you are driving a kabu kabu or you have opted in for Uber or Taxify,you are a taxi driver and you need to be safe.

Earlier in the year there was an increase in robberies and assaults that involved both passengers and drivers.

Suggested : 10 Safety Tips Every Taxi Passenger Should Know .

So how should you ensure your safety as a driver ?.Lets get enlightened .

1.Study your passengers & Trust Your Instincts

Before taking a passenger in ,scrutinize and observe them,their body language etc.
If there is any reason you feel uncomfortable,turn them down.

2.Roll The Windows Up And Lock The Doors

Always keep your windows rolled up.If you need to talk to anyone ,roll it down a bit, enough for your conversation to take place .
You should also keep all doors locked at all times,you wouldn’t want a surprise attack.

3.Know The Way

You should know the destination and if possible alternate routes.
You should also avoid sketchy descriptions and be at alert when your passenger insists on giving direction or insists on you taking quiet and desolated roads.

4.Create A Barricade

This might be hard for those who also use their private cars as taxis ,but you can create a removable barricade between you and the passenger as an extra line of defense.

5.Install a Tracker

This is more than important, there should always be a tracker in your car at all times .

6.Be Careful At Night

When embarking on night journeys ,be extra careful.You should take major roads as much as possible and avoid internal roads.If you can, just avoid night journeys .

7.Beware Of The Passengers Position

If your passenger is sitting directly behind you ,you should monitor him/her and be ready for anything .

8.Share Your Location At All Times

Always share your location with a family or loved one at all times ,there are apps that can help with this .

9.Use A Dummy ATM Card

Always carry a dummy ATM card around with little cash.Avoid carrying bulk cash too.


10.Don’t Resist A Robbery

In the worse case scenario when you are threatened with a gun,just give it all up.Your life is more important and your car might be recovered .Your life can’t be recovered when its lost .Stay safe !.

Did you learn something ?

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