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10 Simple Car Safety Checks You Should Know How To Do



It is worth learning some simple maintenance tasks to make sure you’re not constantly moving in and out of your mechanic’s workshop for problems you could easily fix on your own.

Watching a youtube video and asking a skilled friend is a great way to learn some simple tasks like changing tyres, checking oil and coolant levels.

Of course, there are certain tasks that will require your mechanic’s assistance. Don’t ignore a warning light or an unfamiliar smell or sound coming from the car, and if you’re unsure what the problem is, then take it to an expert.

So how many of these simple car safety checks can you do?

1) Change oil and oil filter

2) How to check and top up with radiator fluid (coolant)

3) Change a flat tyre

4) Change a wiper blade

5) Check the engine oil level

6) Top up engine oil

7) Top up windscreen washer fluid

8) Open the bonnet

9) Check brake fluid level

10) Check for cuts and bulges on tyre


Do you have any addition to the list above? Please add in the comments section below.






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