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10 Tips To Keep Your Car Safe From Break-ins And Theft



Aside from having your car stolen,having someone break into your car is perhaps one of the most violating things that can happen to your vehicle.Just knowing that someone has broken into your car,looked through your things,and stolen your personal things can evoke a strong emotional reaction.There is no way to completely stop anyone from breaking into your car,but here are tips to help prevent car break-ins.

1)Carefully consider where you park your vehicle:
The more concealed/hidden your car is,the more likely it is stolen completely.Criminals don’t want to be seen,so leaving your car in a well-lit and/or populated are is always best.
Alternatively,car parks with security features such as cctv,manned barriers or gated entry will offer greater peace of mind. 

2)Owning a Toyota and Honda:
Toyota and Honda cars are some of the most likely vehicles to get ripped/stripped off.
They are easy to resell as there is a large demand for there spare parts.
It’s important to know the worth of your vehicle,where you’re driving it,how high-risk it is,and how you can protect against it.

3)Always ensure that your vehicle is locked before walking away from it:
Make sure you hear a locking noise,watch for lights flashing or mirrors folding,or just pull the door handle. 

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4)Don’t leave valuables on display in your vehicle to tempt opportunist thieves:
Keep your nice valuables in a compartment,or the best option,bring it with you.Replacing your goods and your window is not worth the few seconds it’ll take to properly secure your tempting items. 

5)Audio systems draw the attention of thieves even if there are no other valuables in sight:
An expensive audio unit usually indicates other concealed items like a subwoofer and amplifier in the trunk.If you have an expensive audio system,remove the radio faceplate from the head unit each time you leave your car.

6)Close all the car’s windows,even if you are only leaving it for a few minutes:
An open window makes it easier for a thief to get inside a vehicle. 

7)Does your car has an alarm or immobiliser?
If not, invest in an aftermarket alarm,steering wheel lock or other locking device.These do actually deter thieves.
Modern car alarms can include options such as motion sensors,knock sensors or a sirens if there is any unauthorized entry into your car,bonnet or the boot.

8)Don’t roll your window down the whole way:
When a stranger approaches your window,roll it down only enough to talk,and not enough for them to reach into your window.

9)Tint your car’s windows:
A window tint can obscure the view of your car’s interior and thereby,protect your car from thieves.If a thief can’t see inside your car to determine if there is anything of value,they will move onto the another vehicle instead.

10)GPS Vehicle Tracking Service:
You can also secure your car by installing a GPS tracking device system in your car for fast theft recovery and location monitoring.

If the car thief has a weapon, give up the car with no questions asked.Your life is worth more than a car.


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