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Here Is What You Should Do When Your Car Gets Stolen



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Loosing ones car is a bitter experience that can make even a very rich man feel really sad.
Some people don’t even think about the money but the ‘relationship’ they have built with the car(yeah, just like having a dog, some people get quite attached) .
So what should you do when your car gets stolen ?

Let’s find out 

1.Calm Down

I know this is last thing you would want to do at that moment ,but it really pays to calm down first .

Sometimes you might have absent-mindedly packed it somewhere else,its funny and sounds impossible but it happens .

Or it might even be a prank ,even though it rarely happens ,just be sure its really missing.

2.Ask Questions

After you have confirmed it was really stolen ,ask around ,someone might have a useful information about what happened,they might have seen something.

3.Look Around For Cameras

Most Nigerian neighborhoods don’t have CCTV cameras around.But you might be lucky,just look around you and check for any in sight.

Ask them kindly if they could be of help revewing their footage,they might gladly assist.

If it was stolen at a bank or mall report to the security , they would help in checking their footage.

4.Call Everyone You Know 

Call as many people as possible.Friends,family,co-workers etc.

They might be of help,let them know what has just happened.

5.Contact Your Insurance Company

You should let your insurance company know about the theft, incase you don’t get your car back.

6.Post It Online 

Place it everywhere,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Nairaland.

Did you just say “its a bad idea and you might be alerting the thief ” ?.Well, its better than keeping quiet.

7.Offer A Reward

You should definitely offer a reward , it helps people get more interested and motivated in helping you find the car.

You might get lucky and the thief might pretend to be a good Samaritan and give information of the location for the reward.Since he knows the news is out there and might be difficult to sell it

8. Call The Police

Here in Naija our PoPo Olopa hardly take anything serious (no bashing intended),thats why this is last on the list.You can inform them to fulfil all righteousness,hopefully you might get lucky.

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