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15 Annoying Things Our Neighbours Do With Their Cars



The Good Book says, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Therefore, we’re left with no choice but to love them.

However, some neighbours sharing the same residential compound with us can do things that often drive us crazy.

For instance, they do certain things with their cars that if not well-managed could lead to a dispute. At such times, they make you wish you could afford to live in a self-compound.

For those who live in shared compounds, you will relate to the pain caused by some neighbours, especially the inconsiderate ones that never think of others, but just themselves. Indeed, peaceful communal living requires some special skills and patience.

Anyway, here, we look at the top annoying habits that our neighbours put up with their cars.



Honking their horns endlessly for the security to open the gate

After a hard day, you settle in your apartment for some peace and quiet. Then arrives your neighbour, and the tranquillity ends with the loud blaring of his/her car horn. And this happens because they are trying to get the attention of the security man to open the gate for them. It could be really annoying if the neighbour in question is not the patient type, as the honking can go on for long like a performance by a deprave member of a  symphony.


Taking Eternity To Come Out To Repark

You need to go out in a rush. However, your neighbour’s car is parked behind yours, thus blocking your way out of the compound. So, you send a message to him/her to come out to move their car in order for you to exit the compound. However, it takes forever for the neighbour to come out. You become livid. But you somehow contain your anger. The worst part is having to wait for ages for them to move their car. Still, you find a way to avoiding confrontation.


Leaving the House When  They Blocked Your Car

So you need to leave the house with your car. You try to reach out to your neighbour whose car is blocking your access out of the compound, only to be informed that the neighbour left the house without his or car.


Calling you at Awkward Times for You to Repark

Just at the point when you are slipping into bliss in your apartment, a neighbour calls you out to re-park in order to make it easy for him/her the way to drive in or out. Such a request could drive one crazy.


Wasting Parking Space 

In some compounds, parking space is very limited. So, any available space is greatly cherished. However, there are some neighbours who would drive in and leave a huge space ahead of them, or park their cars atrociously. In the process, they take up more bays of parking space.  Technically, they deprive those that are yet to return home with parking space. If these neighbours were to park properly, the parking space could fit more cars in the parking area.


Blocking The Driveways With their Cars

You have had a horrible day, so you drive to your house, only to discover that your neighbour has blocked the driveway or the entrance into the compound with his/her car. Arrghh!


Reserving Parking  Space for their Spouses

Most shared compounds operate a parking policy of first come, first served. However, some neighbours do not have a problem with violating this policy by using their cars to park in a certain manner in order to reserve a space for their spouses who are yet to arrive home.


Disturbing the Peace With Their Car Audio System

They go into their parked car in the compound and without any plan to drive out. There, they blast the car audio system without any consideration for the desire for quietness by their neighbours.


Parking Too Close To Your Car

They park too close to your car that it becomes impossible to open your car door in order to get in. Perhaps, they expect you to board your car through the sunroof.  Similarly, they park too close to your bumper that opening your boot becomes impossible.


Littered Driveway With Toys

Driving in or out of the compound is sometimes made harder when you have to take extra caution not to drive over the toys or playthings of your neighbour’s kids that customarily litter the driveway.


Their Kids Turns Your Car Chassis To A Writing Board

Well, not that you are against learning, but using your car as a writing platform is not a delightful way to encourage our neighbour’s children to pursue an education.  And, Yes. That thing could really drive one crazy.


Parking in your Designated Space

In some compounds, each occupant is allocated designated parking spaces. However, some neighbours do not have any qualms encroaching on other neighbour’s parking space. Even worse is when they do not direct their guests to park elsewhere!


Their Visitors taking Up Parking Space

In compounds with very limited parking space, some neighbours let their visitors park in the residents’ car park, blocking the access or taking space designated for other residents. Even more frustrating when there is plenty of street parking available.


Too many cars parked in the compound

Ok. Parking space is scarce. However, the neighbour does not have any problem populating the compound with far more number of cars than he or his family needs.


Honking Their Horn To Get Their Wives Or Kids To Come Out

So, they get into the car faster than their wives or children who seem to always take forever to get them out of bed, clothed, fed and ready for work or school.  So, they devise a method to hasten them by sitting in their running car in the parking space and honk the horn to hasten them.


Have we missed any?


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