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2003 Toyota Camry With Lamborghini Doors Attracts Attention In Lagos (VIDEO)



It is not every day that one gets to see a car whose doors opens by moving outward and then rotating 90 degrees at the doors hinge. Lamborghini Doors

Such opportunities only happen when we see cars like Lamborghinis or with cars with Dihedral doors like Koenigsegg.

Sadly, those types of cars rare features on roads in Nigerian.

That notwithstanding, a sneakers collector, Ikemesit “BadBlood” Nkereuwem-Tim, recently availed some Lagosians the rare opportunity to see a car with scissors doors. This happened when he visited the Ikeja City Mall. Lamborghini Doors

“BadBlood” – who is the  2017 Supersports bike racer vice-champion – fascinated some who had gathered with his car’s scissors doors.

Interestingly, the scissor door was not on a Lamborghini or a Koenigsegg.

Instead, it was on a 2003 Toyota Camry. The Camry had been modified to have a scissors door.

How cool can a 2003 Camry get?

Watch the video below to see how people inspected the car in amazement.


Video Credit: Instagram/Ikemesit Nkereuwem-Tim

Scissors doors are also referred to as the Lamborghini doors. These type of doors open upwards or rotate vertically at a fixed hinge at the front of the door. They open by rotating on a horizontal axis, perpendicular to the vehicle’s length.

The advantage of these types of doors is that they can be opened even when the car is parked in tight spaces.

The Dihedral door is similar to the Scissor car door type. The only difference is that the Dihedral door opens by moving outward, while at the same time rotating 90 degrees at the doors hinge. Their hinges are located on the A-pillars, supporting the entire door and mechanisms.

This door type is found in car models such as  Koenigsegg Agera, Agera R, and Agera RS, the Koenigsegg CC8S, CCR, CCX, One:1 and Regera.

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