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2050: A Prediction Of The Nigerian Auto And Transport Industry



Hello, auto family !

I sat down a while ago in a Danfo looking out the window as the driver hustled and found a way out of the heavy traffic we were in, I got thinking- What will the Nigerian auto industry look like, what about public transport, roads ?.

Taking into full consideration the global and local trends, these were my thoughts, lets dive in

1.Very Cheap Cars

I believe cars would be considerably cheaper, by then there would be an electric car revolution in more developed countries. Many countries have already set targets of 2040-2050 to stop inflow of gasoline cars. Guess where most of the cars abandoned by people switching to electric cars would come to ?. Yes !, our dear Naija, the ever ready dumping ground .

2.More Railways

We are already seeing more railways, I believe even more would spring up with time !.

3.Subway Transport

I believe without a doubt that by then Nigeria would have at least one or two subway routes, it most likely would be inter-state .

3.More Local Auto Manufacturers

The likes of Innoson and Proforce would be given a run for their money.More local auto manufacturers would spring up !.The competition would actually be good for the industry, Innoson is so complacent with improvement because there is no local brand competing with them,by then they would have died off, if they fail to innovate, kudos to them so far. Surprisingly, one of these local manufacturers might produce electric cars .

4.A Considerable Acceptance Of Electric Vehicles

Let’s be honest, as much as many won’t agree, so many parts of Nigeria has seen a significant improvement in power supply, it would only get better .And finally Nigerians would stop giving the excuse of “no light”, and start buying electric vehicles.

5.Electric Buses And Trains

I see this coming up in places like Lagos,Kano and Rivers state, electric buses would most likely be made available for public transit, intra-state.

6.More Acceptance Of Ferry Transportation

Even though it already exists, its still poorly used and accepted. Especially in Lagos, transportation by ferry would be made safer and more attractive and would be used as a regular means of transportation by much more people.

7.Third Mainland Bridge Might Be Gone

No, its not what you are thinking, I am not a prophet of doom, it won’t collapse. With time that bridge would reach a point where maintenance won’t be able to hold it any longer, so it would be demolished and a new bridge would be built. I may be wrong though, but I strongly believe so. Civil engineers in the house over to you, disagree ?.


What are your predictions ?
We would like to hear from you.


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