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4 Reasons Why Your Headlight Is Dim



Headlights are a very essential component of your car. It helps you see where you’re going when visibility is poor. It also helps alert other drivers of your presence. If your headlights seem dim, there may actually be an underlying problem that needs to be corrected.

Below are 4 reasons why your headlight is dim

1. Bad Bulb:

The most likely cause of a dim headlight is a bad bulb. Headlights don’t blow out, they dim over time, and rarely do both headlights dim at the same rate.

2. Bad Ground:

A bad ground can result in lower than required voltage being delivered to your headlight, which has a particularly pronounced effect on halogen lights. This can be caused by corroded bulb terminals, or a loose or broken wire. Consider wire brushing the terminals or replacing the bulb.

3. Bad Alternator:

Failing alternator is another common reason you may see dim headlights. If you notice that the lights brighten and dim as the engine revs up and down, the alternator should be checked immediately.

4. Dirty Lens:

Many times, headlight lenses can develop leaks, which can cause condensation to form on the inside of the plastic. This water collects dust, which over time dims the light.

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