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5 Cars Revealed At Geneva With Over 1000 HorsePower




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If you are horsepower hungry ,you would love this .Geneva Motor Show has been awesome so far with breath-taking technology ,flying cars etc.

Now lets talk about the good old horsepower.These super cars are pushing the limits with over 1000 horsepower .


1.Zenvo TS1 GT

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This Danish company has one goal- to load as much horsepower into a car as they can.Though building just 11 cars in 10 years they are at the top of their game.With other features like a 20-inch wheels and a seven-speed sequential racing gearbox .This car (TS1 GT) doesn’t disappoint with 1,163 hp !!!.

2.Techrules Ren

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The Chinese have done it again .Its a turbine-hybrid hypercar,depending on the customers preference this super car is fitted with one or two micro turbines generating electricity for a 25 killowatt-hour battery.They claim a range of 727 miles without charge.And the horsepower ? – 1287 .The Chinese indeed don’t disappoint.

3.Artega Scalo Superelletra

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While the looks might not show it ,this German automakers who were close to bankruptcy have sprung up again ! .This car is almost close to loosing a place in this list with 1020 hp courtesy of an electric drivetrain. It is rumored to cost around #650 Million.

4.Koenigsegg Agera RS

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While this automaker is no stranger to neck breaking horsepower ,they don’t stop pushing the limits.This machine has 1,360 hp under its hood.If you take a closer look its lined with 24 carat gold !.Unfortunately there is no word on its cost yet.

5.Koenigsegg Regera

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Koenigsegg is on this list again !.This time around its many steps further and closer to 2000 horsepower !!.This hot baby costs about #570 Million .It has a bitrurbo 5.0-litre V8 with three electric motors.It is rumoured to have a speed around 248 miles per hour (399 kilometres per hour).With an awesome 1,500 hp .


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