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5 Women Who Made A Mark In The History Of Cars

Image Credit  Women have not really gotten so much attention in the auto world .People still marvel when they see female mechanics especially here in Nigeria,because its a rare occurrence . But there are women that have helped shape the history of cars to what we see today . Its …

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Small Cars: Advantages And Disadvantages


Advantages and Disadvantages of  Small Car With rising fuel price and the current economic situation, many automobile drivers are considering changing at least one of their vehicles to something smaller that will provide better gas mileage. This is especially true if the driver has a long daily commute. Smaller cars, …

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See The Number Of Vehicles On Nigerian Roads


Number Of Vehicles On Nigerian Roads According to National Bureau of Statistics, vehicle population in Nigeria is 11.46 million with commercial vehicles accounting for the largest share. Commercial vehicles accounts for 53.8%, private 44.5%, Government 1.6% and the remaining 0.1% goes to diplomatic vehicles. What do you think about 11.46 …

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6 Reasons Your Car Consumes More Fuel Than Normal

fuel consumption

Fuel consumption of a vehicle is of much concern to majority of the people that drive internal combustion engine vehicles. It is even more disturbing when you realize that your car is thirstier and is consuming more than it’s supposed to. In case you have noticed that your car consumes …

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9 Movies Car And Speed Lovers Should Watch


Image Credit I am fulfilling my promise of this week being an entertaining week .I wrote an article recently on “4 pc car games you would love ” , make sure you check it out .Now lets go into movies !. 1.Drive Hollywood lover boy Ryan Gosling is in an unusual …

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5 Cars Revealed At Geneva With Over 1000 HorsePower

Image Credit If you are horsepower hungry ,you would love this .Geneva Motor Show has been awesome so far with breath-taking technology ,flying cars etc. Now lets talk about the good old horsepower.These super cars are pushing the limits with over 1000 horsepower .   1.Zenvo TS1 GT Image Credit …

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10 Cars That Have Other Names In Other Countries


Did you know that some cars bear different names in other countries as against what we call them in Nigeria? The major reason is, car manufacturers won’t use a name that would compromise their car sales in any country. For example, Mitsubishi “Pajero” ended up as Mitsubishi “Montero” in some countries …

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5 Most Loved Car Brands In The World..

If you are auto savvy, you must have observed that the trend of launching new models of cars every year is more frequent now as compared to the past.  The motive is obvious; the sale of cars has been increasing and the customers demand for the latest technology, comfort and enhanced …

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