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9 Movies Car And Speed Lovers Should Watch






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I am fulfilling my promise of this week being an entertaining week .I wrote an article recently on “4 pc car games you would love ” , make sure you check it out .Now lets go into movies !.


Hollywood lover boy Ryan Gosling is in an unusual role in this one .He battles to help a family he fell in love with to clear their name and win back their safety .As he said “I Drive” .Watch the trailer below:


Who hasn’t watched the transporter ?.You need to see all the parts .The most recent one was released in 2015.It is centered on an ex-military who drives people and delivers packages,no questions asked .Loads and loads of cars and awesome stunts .Previous installment had Jason Statham as the main actor .Check out the trailer of the latest one below :

3.Need For Speed

So you thought this title only belongs to a game ,you are wrong !.This movie is different from the game .but still has loads and loads of super cars ,monster trucks and all you would love to see as a car lover.Check out the trailer below:

4.Italian Job

As the name implies its centered in Italy where a gang of high tech thieves plot to steal.Well they were successful only to be double crossed by one of their members.This is one movie you shouldn’t miss even though the main car featured are mini coopers.Watch the trailer below :

5.Death Race

Well Jason Statham is here again this time battling for his freedom.It is a ride or die situation in this movie.If you love cars with machine guns and military grade specs you would love this movie franchise.Check out the trailer below :


If you are like me and just can’t grow out of animated movies .Then you would love this one .Although you would get to see talking cars ,its still very interesting .Watch the trailer below :


7.Fast and Furious

If you haven’t watched any of the movies in this franchise then you should probably be banned from watching movies. They battle for love ,family and respect in this movie using cars !!. is like a library or museum of super,rugged and mouth watering cars. Check out the trailer below:


Based on a true story, this movie shows us race track action. Centered on two veterans, an Italian who just does not give up and English man who just can not keep his mouth shut! Check out the trailer below :

9. Spectre 007

If you love cars you should see ALL James Bond movies. But this recent one was also super awesome. This movie features an Aston Martin DB10, Jaguar C-X75, Range Rover Sport SVR, Land Rover Defender “Big Foot” and others. Check out the trailer below :


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