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Most Popular Cars In Each African Country




Have you ever wondered the most popular car in Nigeria or in each country in Africa ?.Wonder no more !.Lets take a look .

Algeria : Renault Symbol

Tunisia : Isuzu D-max

Libya : ZX Auto Grand Tiger

Egypt : Chevrolet TFR Pickup

Sudan : Toyota Hilux

Uganda : Toyota Hilux

Kenya : Toyota Hilux

Tanzania : Toyota Land Cruiser

Malawi : Toyota Hilux

Mozambique : Toyota Hilux

Zimbabwe : Isuzu KB

Lesotho : Toyota Fortuner

South Africa : Toyota Hilux

Namibia : Toyota Hilux

Botswana : Toyota Hilux

Angola : Suzuki Alto 800

Cameroon : Toyota Hilux

Togo : Toyota Prado

Liberia : Toyota Hilux

Sierra Leone : Ford Ranger

Guinea : Toyota LandCruiser

Guinea Bissau : Toyota Prado

Gambia : Mitsubishi L200

Senegal : Mitsubishi L200

Morocco : Renault & Daciaxs Logan

Nigeria : ??

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